Demo 1 — Introduction

Check the next two sections to see how a Popup works.

  • The first section (with the blue-ish background) is the Popup.
  • The second section (with the yellow-ish background) contains a button that triggers the popup.


Below is a button with the URL set to #demo1. This URL triggers the Popup.

Edit the Module Settings of the button to see the URL in the «Link» section.

Demo 2 — Introduction

    Below you find a yellow-ish section with a list of Popup triggers. Each trigger displays the ID of the Popup that is opened.
    Inspect the Popups below to see how they are created.


Basic Popup

Popup without close button

Modal Popup with alternative close button

Inverted close button color (for dark backgrounds)


No button trigger. This Popup is displyed on exit-intent.

Demo 3 — Introduction

    In this demo you will find Code-Modules inside the Popups with some advanced code — they use the JS API to customize the Popup behavior.

Some text so you can scroll down…

Some text so you can scroll down…